Participant Involvement

Reaching out to local branches and communities

I have spoken to local Parkinson’s branches from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire to Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire about my experience of living with the condition and taking part in the GDNF clinical trial.

The warm and enthusiastic welcome I have received, without exception, has been completely overwhelming. Those attending show a keen interest in the trial and have made me feel a part of their group. Questions are plentiful and I answer them to the best of my ability.

During these visits I have met hundreds of thoroughly decent people who are living every day with Parkinson’s and their stories have reinforced my desire to ensure that patients and carers have key input to the design of clinical trials.

If any local Parkinson’s branches, or other societies would like a GDNF participant to come along and talk about their experience of the trial, please do contact us and we will be happy to oblige if feasible. We make no charge for this, but do ask that expenses be covered.

Lesley Gosden