The GDNF Participant Unifying Challenge

In support of Neurotrophic Factors 4,200 miles to walk, run or cycle - an amazing 7,683 miles completed! For a gallery of participants click here 🙂

During the first half of September 2021 teams across the UK ran, walked, rode, and probably crawled 4,200 miles representing the 42 participants of the original GDNF trial.

Many of the 42 individuals who participated in the Bristol GDNF clinical trial undertook a unifying challenge to highlight and support the future of neurotrophic factor therapies.

Each team will included participants themselves, their families, their friends and other supporters who, like the participants, believe in the future of neurotrophic factors.

The Challenge brought people and organisations together, to raise awareness of and urgency for the need for a cure and put people affected by Parkinson’s truly at the centre of trial design.

The Challenge also raised funds to progress research and trials into the beneficial effects of neurotrophic factors, increasingly seen by science as having the potential for a cure.

The total miles covered exceeded our wildest expectations.

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