A new book by Andy Rollin

Andy Rollin’s first book ‘GDNF What Happened to Me’  was published in June 2020, it was well received within the Parkinson’s community, with copies being sold in both the USA and Canada, as well as the UK. Andy was overwhelmed by the interest people showed in his story and many fellow ‘Parkies’ contacted him to express their good wishes and share their sorrow that the trial ended as it did. If you read his book and were shocked by the ending and want to know ‘What Happened Next’ then the wait is almost over.

Andy will answer that question when later this year his latest book ‘GDNF What Happened Next’ is published, he continues the tale of his involvement with all things GDNF, the GDNFer’s and his personal Parkinson’s highs and lows.

Will there be a new trial?

Is the story over? 

If you would like to be updated regarding publication details later in the year, please email Andy retreat146@virginmedia.com  for advance notice of publication.