“We Choose to Shine” by Vicki Dillon

“So it is known that I am rather spontaneous with some pretty mad ideas at times but sometimes my craziness is actually ingenious.

‘Shine’ is a song written and sung by Rick Taylor in mid November 2019. The moment I heard the lyrics I was blown away- I knew it was special. I felt it should become the GDNF Participant’s anthem. Happily Rick agreed and so did our working party!

By the 15th December miraculously ‘Shine’ was available to download!

We had achieved what we were told was the unachievable – something we’re getting good at! Despite all the negativity that we couldn’t get it out there in time, we actually did! And boy, it felt good.

It gave us a huge lift and boosted our morale, which at the time was much needed. Sadly, our new careers as backing singers never materialised as we were pipped to the Christmas no 1 spot by LadBaby’s “I love sausage rolls” ! It was made more acceptable as it  too was a charity record.

Who cares? we had such fun doing the video. Rick magically encapsulated exactly what we were trying to achieve but also captured the struggles and heartache and the pain of losing those who had gone before. It hit the spot for us emotionally on every level but also, very importantly, touched the publics hearts too.

We desperately needed to be heard and the chorus “stand up, shout out and be counted” has become our mantra.  Powerful words which combined with music becomes a passionate, Uplifting warrior cry.

‘Shine’ is available to download through all major online dealers.

So go on – help us to shine on x.   

99p won’t change your life but collectively all those 99’s could very well change ours!”

This was our Christmas video when “Shine” was first released in Dec 2019. I challenge you not to have a little chuckle when you watch it! Why not download your copy today. It will help go towards the cure!