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A better future does not have to cost the earth. 

But meaningful research into a cure for Parkinson’s is both urgently required and crucial. The stakes are high so every pound spent on research needs to count. We also need to be on the same page and this requires Scientists, Ethics, Clinicians, charities and those supplying grants to unite with our Parkinson’s community and gain a better understanding of what really makes a difference to those of us actually living with Parkinson’s.

You have arrived at the GDNF Participant’s Website.

Here you can read the stories of just some of the 42 who took part in the Parkinson’s Clinical Phase 2 GDNF trial. They are ‘walking and talking’ evidence of the efficacy of GDNF but the science did not conclude that this treatment succeeded in slowing Parkinsons in many of the individuals. The participants have been lobbying hard to have GDNF further investigated using convention enhanced delivery which although involved very technical brain surgery, then allowed the drug to transported directly to the damaged brain cells in order to revive them.

Check out the video below to see what you think…..

Why not take some time to review the contents of our incredible journey (view more video from the BBC program here) and join us in taking action (have a look at the map of participants in The Unifying Challenge).