Receiving Unlicensed Medicines on Compassionate Grounds

Message from Jayne – Coordinator for the Phase 2 GDNF Participants

I happened across an eminent Consultant while visiting Southmead Hospital very recently and asked the question, “am I crazy to pursue my dreams to get GDNF delivered to the Phase 2 participants who may still want it under compassionate grounds?” The consultant told me it would need to be pursued once the main body Phase 3 trial was underway.

It is likely we would require funding to produce the GDNF that the Phase 2 participants would require.

I would urge you all to get involved where possible whether it may be through coffee mornings, cakes sales, encouraging family and friends to donate so that we are contributing to our shared goal where possible (many hands makes much lighter work).

When the time is right we will make the approach through this link but you are more than welcome to click on the link and do some research yourselves.

Darren and I are hoping to raise the profile of the contributions made by the Phase 2 GDNF Participant group by utilising this growing web site that has been designed for us.