Phase 1 GDNF Trial

I would like to draw your attention to a donation of £500 made on the Just Giving Page from Tricia Hembrough.

Tricia contacted me the week before last through a guest from our summer event.

I was overwhelmed to hear that she is the widow of phase 1 participant, Richard Hembrough!

I was fascinated to hear this is the gentleman that we see in the video on the documentary being assessed walking.

This is also a quite well known clip on You Tube.

Tricia has been fundraising for Parkinsons ever since her husband passed away some 5 years ago and she wanted to donate the amount of £500 to the future of GDNF specifically.

She told me about the book called “Monkeys in the Middle” . I am sure some of you will already know of its existence but for those of you that do not then this book tells the story of the Phase 1 trial, withdrawal of GDNF and all that went with it. I am sure it will make a powerful and emotional read for those of you that are interested.

Talking to Tricia only served to endorse our theory that GDNF is indeed a miracle drug.

On the back of this I wonder about contacting an author who may be willing to write the Phase 2 story with all proceeds going to the GDNF fund. Watch this space for progress…