Vicki Dillon

I was finally diagnosed with Parkinson’s on Valentine’s Day 2007 !

It had taken three years of being continuously fobbed off and told repeatedly I was ok. It was a very difficult time but getting the answer devastated me. I was 35 and quite frankly wanted to die!

8 weeks on I was ready to fight And fight I have – my life again turned upside down by the side effects of dopamine agonists, I was once again left reeling

I had heard a radio 4 programme Tom Isaacs and Prof Gill were involved with telling the Amgen story.  It was heart-breaking but when I heard a whisper GDNF was getting another chance I knew I would do all I could to participate.

I contacted Lucy Mooney and was accepted as one of the initial six.  The rest is history… but the story is far from over!

We know it works and we will not give up hope that GDNF becomes a viable treatment for many.

Carpe diem x