Hermina Campbell “Trails for Trials”

Dates: 1-14th September 2021

Method: Walking

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Trails for Trials

My reason for participating;


I met Tom Isaacs in 2012 when he invited Jemima Harrison and I to follow him through a ground breaking Trial and document it for the television.  When I started filming with Tom, I have to admit, I knew very little about Parkinson’s and knew no one who had it.  The following 7 years were life changing for me.  Several trial participants allowed us to film them through brain surgery, euphoric highs and heart breaking lows.  I got to know the most incredible bunch of people who have left a permanent impact on me; their courage, determination and mostly their sense of hope and humour.  The film aired and I have never been so proud as to how my friends, family and the general public were so moved by those suffering with Parkinson’s, those who volunteer themselves for trials and the medical team and pioneers that make the magic happen.  To say I was humbled by all involved would not be strong enough.  So I’m so happy to be able to do something, in order to keep the GDNF dream alive.


The participants made me value the most basic human elements, mostly, the ability to move.  My knees are cranky, but I am not inhibited in the way that frustrates them daily.  Despite two TV awards for the documentary and having spent many years trying to get into the filming world, I gave it up to become a Personal Trainer and teach people the importance of moving in whatever way you can.  I feel so very lucky to be able to walk 100 miles for this challenge and raise money for a much needed cure.  I also now value how important our clinical trials are and those people who partake in them.  So I am proud to be team; Trails for Trials with my partner Sean, who lived through much of the documentary with me and my dog Pickle who reminds me daily of the joy of walking!

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