Paul Jackson-Clark

Dates: 4th September 2021

Method: Brompton

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Date: 04/09/2021

Method: Three speed Brompton Bike

Route: Blandford Forum to Bristol via Bradford-Upon-Avon and via up to 10 National Garden Scheme Gardens

Raising Money for Parkinson’s UK


I’m raising money for Parkinson’s research and specifically to give the drug GDNF the best chance of success.

GDNF is what’s called a neurotrophic factor and it’s vital in the life of dopamine producing neurons – the neurons that are killed by Parkinson’s. GDNF is proven as a way to stop and even reverse cell death in Parkinson’s – so it’s potential as a cure for a condition that affects 10 million people worldwide is massive.

Between 2013 – 2017, 42 incredibly brave people, all with Parkinson’s, participated in a ground-breaking clinical trial named GDNF.

One of the 42 was Ken Dewhurst and my challenge – the KEnduro100 – is in recognition of Ken and people like him, who selflessly and bravely volunteer for clinical trials.

Parkinson’s UK is working to bring GDNF back and your support will go directly towards making that work happen.

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