Lesley Gosden “Nought to Ninety”

Dates: 1-14th September 2021

Method: Walking and Cycling

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Nought to Ninety:- The name reflects the age range in this particular team which includes of my Mum (88 years old) and Grandson Reuben (0 years old).  Mum (Joan) accompanied me on my trips to Bristol and was my rock throughout the trial.  She spent nights in the hotel before off assessments massaging my legs and feet to stop the spasms, helped me into taxis to get to Southmead and pushed me in a wheelchair when I couldn’t walk.  But more importantly she made me feel safe and secure. No parent should have to see their offspring in the state she frequently saw me in, but she never once complained, backed out or showed signs of distress.  No doubt her quiet moments were less controlled.  She is planning to walk as many times as she can around the local lake to support our cause.

They will be joined by my sons Sam and Matthew. They have always been the most important thing in my life and they continue to remain close by  – I consider them as friends and they always have the ability to make me laugh.  Both have inherited a wicked sense of humour which has got us all through some very tough times.

Sam has just moved jobs and is a highly respected Engineer within the power industry, whilst Matthew is studying for a PhD (way beyond my comprehension, but something to do with DNA ).  I can honestly say that I don’t understand what either of them do, but I’m sure they both do it well.

Sam married Alix in 2019.  Calm, patient and cheerful she is the perfect partner for Sam and we were delighted to welcome her into our family.

Then along came Reuben.  The immense joy I felt on his arrival cannot be put into words.  Becoming a mum was the best thing I ever did and has defined my life ever since, but becoming a Grandma is just as fulfilling but without the responsibility, sleepless nights and labour pain.

I will also be doing a mixture of walking and cycling for the Challenge


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