John Thatcher “Thatch’s Cyclothon”

Dates: 1-14th September 2021

Method: Cycling

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Thatch’s Cyclothon – Team Highlights

Diagnosed in 2009, I was an ‘early adopter’ of the GDNF Clinical Trial (008) having met Steven Gill and Tom Isaacs at a presentation in Bristol, in 2011/2.

In 2013 I had brain surgery to allow me to take part in a clinical trial of GDNF, a neurotrophic factor. By the end of 2016, and after over 20 direct brain infusions of GDNF, I had seen some remarkable improvements in my condition, as had most of my 41 co-participants.

Unfortunately, the measurement system used to gauge the success of the trial was incompatible with the true symptoms of Parkinson’s and the trial was deemed to be a scientific failure. The trial ended and my condition deteriorates visibly – I can no longer walk more than a few yards, at best but, I can still ride a bicycle!

Most of the 42 participants have joined together to campaign for a repeated clinical trial which will be measured correctly.

We will be holding a fundraising campaign, the ‘Unifying Challenge’, in September this year.


My team, in the challenge, Thatch’s Cyclothon, will be attempting to cycle 100 miles each over 10 days and consists of myself, my Son, James, and 5 good friends (several of whom are Free-Masons).


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