Darren Calder “Bristol to London Shuffle”

Dates: 10th - 12th September

Method: Cycle, run, walk

Help Darren Calder “Bristol to London Shuffle” raise money for Funding Neuro

Bristol to London Shuffle
Dates 10 th 11 th 12 th Sept.

Team: Darren Calder, Chris Wilkes, Richard Franklin, Gary Shaughnessy, David Mulligan, Cycling from Darren’s home in Bristol, these guys are going to unify and cycle aprox 150 miles to complete this challenge, taking in Swindon, and Newbury along the route. They will finish up on London Tower Bridge and will be hoping to drum up lots of support along the way.

50 miles per day is a huge challenge for a Person with Parkinsons and Darren was diagnosed back in 2004 aged 41 so has been fighting this cruel condition for 19 years already.

Darren has been making the most of Lock Down on his static trainer and been completing ZWIFT challenges along the way accompanied by his brother-in-Law Chris Wilkes and Gary (The Machine) Shaughnessy (who does not like hill riding ��) ever since Gary handed over the Olympic Torch fundraising baton to Darren from his mammoth 24-hour 3 legged race in Oct 2020 Chris is a keen cyclist and has encouraged Darren to jump on the bike for as long as he has known him. Their exploits include cycling Belgium to Amsterdam which was another massive achievement and a total pleasure.

Richard Franklin agreed to become Darren’s cycling coach for this challenge and has worked on improving Darren and his wife Jayne’s confidence levels with being out on the road!!! The improvement in Darren’s cycling ability as a result has been awesome.

David Mulligan is the new CEO of Funding Neuro and is uniting with the boys to show his support for their fundraising efforts.
Gary Shaughnessy is completing this challenge alongside a raft of different challenges throughout 2021, he is Chair of Parkinson’s UK and cares passionately for the people he represents. He has inspired Darren to push his cycling goals, supporting Darren through his Parkinson’s journey knowing more than most how important the exercise is because he too has Parkinson’s.

Lets get out there and support these guys on their journey.

It is time to Stand Up, Shout and Be Counted!!!

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